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Pink Beaded Baby Bracelet

Pink Beaded Baby Bracelet

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Made to order baby bracelet! 14k gold filled, so water and tarnish resistant. 

See below for a list of standard sizing. Please note this is generic. Therefore, to get the most accurate size, it is best to measure your baby's wrist before ordering. You can do this with a ribbon or string, then measure the length with a ruler. A half-inch extender will also be added to allow your baby to grow with the bracelet.

 Age Size
Preemie 3.0" - 3.5"
0-6 months 3.5" - 4.0"
6-12 months 4.0" - 4.5"
1 - 4 years 4.5" - 5.5"
4+ years 5.5" - 7.0"
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